Investment ready through investor kit, business plan

"If a business has its doors open, then it is managing risk in some way.
However, that does not mean the organization has an enterprise-wide, holistic and strategic approach to risk management."

-Mark S Beasley PhD, Director,ERM Initiative at North Carolina State University, January 2012
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Are you in the best position to attract investors?

Quite often, some companies who are looking for investors into their business get so excited when they found someone keen to invest in their business that they open their doors too quickly (whether it is releasing financial figures or letting these investors into their office). When this happens, investors get a peek of some things that may signal off as a red flag. This may result in a certain price set in the investor's mind that may be less than optimal.

The ease with which your business attracts investors depends on various complex factors such as a well thought out business plan and the implementation of certain controls. Being “investment ready” ensures your business is able to interest and attract investors of the right fit. More importantly, we help you to consider the investment pitch from various angles including legal, financial, operational and compliance.

Just as every investment carries risk, an investor also wants to ensure that the risks of their investments are mitigated. Risk identification and management are important in the day-to-day operations of any company and even more so when capital investment is involved.

Some legal and commercial risks that arise in every business are likely to include the following:
  • Ongoing liabilities or disputes.
  • Currency of key contracts with suppliers, purchasers and service providers.
  • Existence of appropriate insurance.
  • Regulatory and legislative compliance, particularly privacy, trade practices and consumer protection laws.

The Unique Approach

We are right there with you, so here is a 3-tier approach to transforming your company’s internal structure before letting investors come in. I employ ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) during the overhaul process to get your company investment ready.
  • Tier 1: Basic Risk Assessment of Company, Identification of risks processes and Estimated valuation of Company
  • Tier 2: Investor Kit and Business Plan Creation
  • Tier 3: Full site audit and risk assessment including plans and suggestions to mitigate existing high risk concerns

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